Juice bar, cafe, hotel, restaurant, orchard, bottler.

No matter your business, a commercial Angel brings quality, quantity and efficiency to the table.

Supersizing the technology from our premium line of home twin gear juicers, the commercial Angel series are the most advanced high quality all stainless steel cold press juicers available.

Designed for the greatest durability and hygiene, thanks to continuous research and development over the past thirty years, Angel Juicers are loved by chefs and professionals across the globe for making delicious and nutritious juices.

With their high-grade stainless steel crushing gears and a three step extraction process, there is hardly a commercial juicer that can match or come close to the superior yield, nutritional quality and natural taste of the juice from the commercial Angel Juicers.

Twin gear technology makes light work of a wide range of ingredients. Fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and everything between.1

The commercial Angel Juicers can process from 20 kilograms of produce per hour with up to a 90% extraction efficiency. For businesses making large quantities of juice, the investment in an Angel will pay off in terms of increased yield. In addition, the superior quality of the juice ensures satisfied customers.

Commercial Angels are truly masterpieces.

Most hotels, restaurants, cafes and juice bars still use centrifugal juicers, whilst bottling companies often use hydraulic press juicers. Centrifugal types of machines are not only noisy and prone to breakdown, they also make foamy and watery juice. Hydraulic press types are bulky, time-consuming and hard to use.

Angel Juicers are designed and built with no compromises. No plastics are used in any of the juice extraction components – it is all 100% grade 304 (18-8) stainless steel. The twin gear technology uses a unique three-stage juicing system. Rotating against each other, the twin gears first cut produce into tiny pieces, then “chew” it into the smallest pieces possible before forcing it under high pressure through a screen. The precision engineering involved in manufacturing these gears offers the ultimate in breakdown of fruit and vegetable fibres and delivers the best possible nutrient extraction. The result is juice with the best taste and nutrition, and a far higher yield than other types of juicers.

All of the control switches and mechanisms are held within the main body of the juicers to keep everything safe and, unlike household Angel Juicers that have a maximum run time of 30 minutes, commercial Angel Juicers can be run continuously for up to 10 hours.

Increased amounts and richness of enzymes, minerals, essential amino acids and vitamins in the extracted juice produce not only the healthiest beverages, but also the tastiest and most colourful.

Best Yield

MethodInput RateExtraction Rate
Angel JuicerExtract

20kg of grapes per hour91-93%
Third-party JuicerChop and grind

Put into bags

Extract through centrifuge / hydraulic press

20kg of grapes per hour50-57%
Difference50% less work36-41%

Same Great Versatility

Just like their smaller cousins, commercial Angel Juicers can make more than just juice. Process a range of different foods, from ice creams and sorbets to dips, nut butters and more.

Each commercial Angel Juicer is manufactured and optimised specifically for the primary food type that will be juiced. As with the household models, three housing extractors are available: fine mesh, coarse mesh and blank.

While most foods can be juiced using one housing, this may reduce yield. Another option for those interested in various foods is to order additional extractor housings (e.g. one for fruits, one for vegetables and another for nuts).

Excellent for Commercial Use

The Angel can handle large amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Exceptionally High Efficiency

The Angel presses up to 30% more juice and 3 times more nutrients from fruits and vegetables than other juicers.

Outstanding Reputation

More than 30 years of product development and strict quality control, with extremely high durability as a result. The device is made of high quality stainless steel (grade 304). Each unit is assembled by hand and checked.

Automatic Adjustment Press Force

Through smart technology, the Angel automatically determines the required press force. With tough fibres, the engine will work harder to squeeze the maximum amount of juice from fruit or vegetables.

Fully Stainless Steel

All parts of the Angel Juicer are made of stainless steel. Steel gives you durability and ease of cleaning. It also gives the juicer a beautiful, luxurious appearance.

Less Harmful Substances

The Angel has a special antibacterial coating, which removes 95% of harmful substances on the skin of fruit and vegetables.