A luxury cold press juicer with a sleek, all stainless steel build.

Fresh juice made on the spot is as simple as selecting whatever fresh produce you like. Combine fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts. With endless variety and natural taste and nutrition, once you’ve tried pure, homemade juice from the Angel, there’s no turning back.


Crisp greens, sweet fruits or healthy vegetables. Drink it neat, mix it up or get a little creative and whip up something special.

Whatever tickles your fancy, the Angel Juicer will not disappoint.


The Angel gives you more juice. Much more.

In terms of the value for money, the ongoing cost of fruit and vegetables is critical. In a test to ascertain how much carrot juice was created from 300g of carrots, the Angel was pitted against another popular twin gear juicer.

The Angel yielded 212 grams of juice, while the competitor yielded 139 grams – just 64% of the Angel’s output.

The waste pulp from the competitor was then taken and passed through the Angel. This gave another 70 grams of carrot juice.

There’s simply no doubt: Angel Juicers save real money every day, especially when buying organic, and avoid you wasting precious juice that you’d otherwise throw away.


Don’t stop at juice. Make refreshing nut and seed milks with the Angel for creamy, completely natural lactose free drinks.


With the optional extractor housings, the Angel Juicer doubles as a food processor.

Make your very own tofu, frozen fruit sorbets, ice creams, savoury pate, dips, nut butters and more. The options are as abundant as your imagination.

Easy to Use,
Easy to Clean

With less parts to assemble and clean, using the Angel is a breeze.

Solid Build

All stainless steel construction means a lifetime of juicing.

Hand-built, precision-engineered using the highest quality grade stainless steel, it is state-of-the-art design. No plastics — anywhere — make it very hygienic. The heart of the system, the two powerful gears, are solid stainless steel. Whilst plastic, nylon, lexan, or other polycarbonate materials can contaminate your food, stainless steel’s germicidal ability works every time you make a juice.

At 82 RPM, the Angel is the slowest twin gear juicer. Slow means cool, and cool means more immunity-building live enzymes in your juices. Yet it’s still as fast in operation as other twin gear juicers because of its unique extraction screen design.
Angel’s twin gears apply the equivalent of 3 HP of extraction force. This allows you to juice strong fibrous, stringy produce quicker and more smoothly, including wheatgrass and pine needles. It means more juice and more vital energy in the juice.
Stage one applies concentrated pressure to the produce. Stages two and three grind and continuously process the fruits or vegetables, producing very dry pulp and more juice than any other juicer.
A one-piece three-stage screen filters and maximises juice production, resulting in up to 150% times the amount of juice extracted compared to other juicers.
With the Angel, you are free from the hassles of aligning twin gear dots and pulp adjustment, while minimal parts mean simple operation and fast wash up. Plus, surface pesticides, fungicides and miticides end up in the ultra-dry pulp, not in your juice.
The high-wattage motor with unique cooling system means less strain on the motor, therefore less heating and increased durability.
Exclusive safety features include: Automatic Heat Sensor; Extra Rocker Switch; Internal Gear Protection; Reinforcement of Switch Panel; Double Protection of Motor and Main Housing Unit, and Screen Housing; and Automatic Overload Sensor.
Blockages from overloading or jamming can easily be cleared with the reverse action switch.
Specially designed, the motor cooling system helps prevent the motor from overheating and helps keep the juicer as quiet as possible.


Complement your kitchen routine.

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