Made entirely of stainless steel, the Angel is the pinnacle in cold-press juicing.

Operating at 82 rpm, the Angel Juicer retains all important elements essential for the body inside the juice, such as vitamins, minerals and other elements. Equipped with the latest dual gears, which effectively and carefully process food in three steps, the Angel produces more juice than any other juicer whilst maintaining maximum nutrition.

Look no further than the Angel Juicer for the highest possible yield and the most nutrients. Hand-built from high quality components, it is the number one choice of cold-press juicers.

The revolutionary, all stainless steel construction incorporates a twin gear impeller press system that powerfully rotates with three horsepower equivalent exertion force at the low speed of 82 rotations per minute, which has been found to be within the ideal speed for juicing, keeping all enzymes and nutrients alive in the juice and generating almost no heat, which, in turn, reduces oxidation.

The most advanced living juice extractor in the world.

By precision engineered three-stage twin gear system, powerful motor and three-stage screen system, the Angel can crush cellulose fibres, breaking up cells in vegetables and fruits and extracting nutrients locked inside, which results in the darker, richer colour of the juice and a sweeter, richer, more full-bodied flavour.

Maximum Juice – Driest Pulp
The Rolls Royce in Efficiency

The Angel has the largest grinding gears of any twin gear triturating juicer. This ensures the produce is finely ground before passing into the mixing stage and being pressurised through the extended extraction housing.

The result is up to 50% more juice.1

The twin gears of the Angel measure over 210mm (8 ⅜”) and the gap between the gears is only 0.1mm (4/1000 of an inch). This makes it possible to extract minute nutrients by crushing micron-sized particles.

The precision engineering involved in manufacturing these gears offers the ultimate in breakdown of fruit and vegetable fibres and delivers the best possible nutrient extraction. In the first stage, concentrated pressure is applied and produce is ground into small bits. In the second and third stages, it is ground and continuously processed, by which the best quality juice is separated from fruits and vegetables. Barely any fibre passes into the juice and the waste pulp is bone-dry. In addition to the three-stage twin gear system, the Angel’s three-stage screen system maximises pure juice yield, resulting in more juice extracted compared to other juicers.

When juicing for maximum health benefits, fibres should be ground as thoroughly as possible to ensure the maximum levels of enzymes and nutrients are released from deep within them. The triturating action from the stainless steel gears is thought to remove up to 90% of pesticides and agrochemicals on the surface of non-organic fruits and vegetables by binding them to the waste fibre.

Based on over 30 years of continuous research and development, Shattering Helical Gear™ technology has been applied to solid 100% stainless steel gears, whilst Multi Step Extracting™ and Low Speed Cone Screw™ technologies help extract 1.6 times the volume and 17 times the nutrients from the same amount of vegetables and fruits processed with other juicers.

The Angel will juice almost anything — fruits, vegetables, herbs — and even makes delicious raw milk from soy, nuts and grains. From carrots, apples and pomegranates to wheatgrass, kale and spinach to the needles from a Siberian fir, the Angel Juicer produces excellent results, even when juicing barley grass, leafy greens, herbs, shoots and sprouts. It can also make tofu, frozen fruit sorbet or ice cream, savoury pate, dips and nut butters!2

When juicing softer fruits on their own, an optional coarse screen can be purchased to reduce blocking problems and the manual reverse switch can reverse out any blockages the machine encounters.

The Angel Juicer is the only juice extractor in the world that can extract seed juice as well as live enzyme calcium. The calcium that is mostly contained in the cellulose within the stems of the plants is one of the most important ingredients in the human body.

These nutrients are mostly intact after the Angel Juicer delicately crushes the vegetable fibres and extracts the living juice. This type of nutrient plays a significant role in the regeneration of diseased cells in the body.

Unlike the other twin gear juicers and their variable pressure adjusting knob, the Angel is all automated, reducing the need for the user to select the best setting for the produce you feed in — the Angel Juicer does it best first time, every time. With minimal parts to assemble, there is only the extraction housing, grinding gears, splash guard and wooden food pusher to clean and all steel parts except the extraction housing are dishwasher safe.

The Angel is incredibly easy to assemble, clean, dismantle and store. Interior and exterior materials are made from quality stainless steel, free from environmental hormones, and are easy to clean and maintain. The stainless steel construction is incredibly hygienic and nothing but stainless steel comes into contact with your food, removing all possibility of toxicity from plastic parts. Specially designed, the unique motor cooling system results in less strain on the motor and prevents motor overheating with a thermal cut-out device, as well as increased durability and super quiet operation. The machine can only be operated when fully assembled and is put together in seconds, ready for immediate use.

If you are going to seriously juice, a more expensive, reliable, heavy duty constructed, powerful juicer that triturates and presses with a slow RPM is the ultimate way to go. It will more than repay itself both in the quantity of juice extracted and in its mineral quality, which can be nearly double that from the more traditional juicers.