Make Something Strawberry-y and Support our Strawberry Farmers

The recent strawberry needle contamination scared a lot of us. But we mustn’t let it be a reason to stop buying these sweet and juicy little fruits.

Strawberry farmers have been devastated by the impact of the crisis, with dump trucks discarding unbelievable quantities of strawberries because no one would buy them. Since then, people have taken to social media to share all their favourite/secret/family recipes and searches for strawberry recipes have sky-rocketed. Instead of avoiding strawberries, Sam Kekovich is telling us to just “chop em, check em and chomp em”.

Now it’s your turn to get into the kitchen to do the right thing and #SmashaStrawb!

There are so many strawberry recipes to choose from — where will you start? Juice is certainly hard to beat.

In addition to all the more traditional jams, cakes, slices and pies, why not try something completely different like strawberry butter? While you’re at it, make your own homemade butter. Try flavouring homemade yoghurt with strawberries, making a summer strawberry cider with your own homemade strawberry juice, and be sure to make a few health-conscious recipes. Preserving strawberries is always a great idea, whether in jars, dried in a dehydrator, or otherwise.